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Delivering your content

We are offering a free SMASH NMR USB flash drive to every attendee at SMASH, and this can be populated by you, our sponsors, with any material that you wish (advertising, demonstration videos, free software, NMR pulse programs - whatever you can imagine).

Important Details to note:

  • We suggest ~100 MB per sponsor (no more than 250 MB, and SMASH reserves the right to limit the amount of space below this if demand requires it).
  • You can upload your Flash drive content as a single zipped folder. SMASH will unzip the folder and populate the Flash Drives.
  • You can upload any content, e.g. software patches, modules/macros/scripts, video tutorials etc.
  • DEADLINE - Content must be uploaded by the end of July. This is a hard deadline and late content will not being included.

Upload Content by Clicking here

You can send us the content you want on the flash drive securely through DBinbox following this link.

To help you maximize your impact on SMASH attendees, we will have a 'Sponsor Posters' section amongst the scientific posters on display throughout the SMASH conference. Your commercially-oriented posters will be sited on boards in the same area as the scientific posters.

Important Details to note:

  • Only Sponsors with a table or booth may present posters through this mechanism.
  • There will be a quota of posters per sponsor - 3 posters if you have a sponsor booth, 1 poster if you have a sponsor table,
  • 'Sponsor Posters' will be in the same room(s), but separated from the scientific posters in a clear fashion (SMASH reserves the right to arrange the poster rooms and scientific posters will always take precedence in location, but we will make every effort to ensure equitable and appropriate location for all sponsors). 
  • 'Sponsor Posters' must conform to the same space/size regulations as scientific posters (see SMASH Posters)
  • Sponsors can still submit abstracts for scientifically-oriented posters for consideration, which will be processed and displayed in the usual fashion (and not count as part of your quota). These will be judged and sited no differently than the scientific posters submitted by other attendees (although if a poster is adjudged "too commercial" in this process, you'll be invited to present it as one of your 'Sponsor Posters' - where it will count towards your quota).