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Organizing Committee

Carla Marchioro



EU Logistics Officer, EU Site Selection Committee Chair

Research 4 Rent (R4R), Verona Italy

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Other information

Scientific Director at Research 4 Rent (R4R) in Verona (Italy) where she is now after covering related positions in Aptuit R&D Medicines Research Center and GlaxoSmithKline R&D where she has been leading multidisciplinary and cross national groups (with direct responsibility for over 40 scientists).

Carla is a NMR expert with large experience in the Structural techniques. During the years, she has developed an extended experience in a large part of the Research & Development process from target identification and progression to NDA filling.

In her group, in addition to classical structural and analytical approaches, state of the art techniques and technologies such as "omics", computer assisted drug design, fragments base screening, analytical and preparative SFC, quantitation by NMR, ssNMR methods for cells & tissues and more have been introduced and developed. In addition, to her contribution to cross-site international initiatives, she has a large experience in instrumental and computational aspects (covering Structural, Analytical & Computational through the years) including handling of data with hardware and software skills contributing to implementation of cross instruments systems. She has been and is also a component of several initiatives to cover LNB, and LIMS systems working on approaches, and evolution.

Further to her Aptuit role, she is member of a number of Scientific Boards, European and National Research funding bodies; and she has been part of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ProtEra company up to February 2010. She is author of a number of publications and presentations and she is a well recognized member in the scientific community. She has been member of the ENC Scientific Board, the chair of the 51st ENC (2010) and she is member of the SMASH Conference Board.