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Maria Victoria Silva Elipe



Student Liaison

Amgen, CA United States

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Principal Scientist at Amgen, Inc., where she is an NMR leader in the structure elucidation group at the Analytical Research and Development Department supporting projects in development stages (e.g., FIH, phase I, II, II, and IV) for drug substances and drug products. She focuses on NMR support for small molecules under CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls) regulatory compliance including NMR structural analysis of APIs, drug impurities, degradation products, qNMR, No-D NMR, NMR reaction monitoring (low resolution and high resolution NMR), process chemistry NMR support, SSNMR, and documentation for worldwide regulatory filing agencies. She has been working at Amgen since 2003. Previously, she worked for Merck & Co., Inc., at the Rahway site in New Jersey since 1997 as an NMR spectroscopist for the Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Department working on the structure elucidation of metabolites by NMR and LC-NMR, and supporting medicinal chemistry for small molecules and peptides.

She obtained her Ph.D. in Natural Products Chemistry at the University of Malaga, Spain, in 1991, carrying out isolation, structural elucidation, and synthesis of natural products from plants. During her Ph.D. she discovered her passion for NMR spectroscopy as structural elucidation tool. She spent over a year (1991-1992) at Pharma Mar, S.A., in Madrid, Spain, as Postdoctoral Fellow and NMR Spectroscopist carrying out isolation and structural elucidation of marine natural products. In 1993, she moved to the U.S. spending a year and a half working on marine natural products isolation and structural elucidation as a Visiting Postdoctoral Research Associate for Prof. Kenneth Rinehart in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She spent two years (1994-1996) working on protein and protein-DNA complex structures by NMR as a Postdoctoral Research for Prof. David Kearns in the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego. Before she moved to industry, she worked for one academic year (1996-1997) as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry for the College of Arts and Science at the University of San Diego. She is the author of over forty peer-reviewed articles including a patent, a chapter book, and a book to be published in 2012 (LC-NMR and Other Hyphenated NMR Techniques. Overview and Applications, John Wiley & Sons, 2012).