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Program 2017

SMASH 2017 will feature scientific sessions and workshops on the following topics.

Scientific Sessions

Sessions will be organized into 2 invited talks (25 min each), 1 submitted talk (25 min) and 1 poster upgrade (15 min)

  • S1: I still haven't found what I'm looking for -- New approaches to structure elucidation
  • S2: All Shook Up -- Metabolites and multi-component samples
  • S3: Let's Dance -- Reaction monitoring and kinetics
  • S4: We will rock you -- Solid-state NMR applications
  • S5: Should I stay or should I go? -- Non-covalent interactions and complexes
  • S6: It's not unusual -- Multinuclear and inorganic methods
  • S7: Go your own way -- Past SMASH hot topics revisited


Workshops will be 1 hour each

  • W1: Pure and simple -- Understanding the pure shift NMR methodology
  • W2: Got to get you into my life -- A guide to Solid-state NMR for solution state spectroscopists
  • W3: We can work it out -- Calculation of structures and NMR parameters