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SMASH 2015 Preliminary Program

Oral Sessions

  • Small but Beautifully Formed
    Low Field NMR (Andrew Coy - Magritek)

    Low-field NMR spectroscopy is in the midst of a remarkable period of methods and hardware innovation enabling NMR spectra to be acquired in new environments such as chemistry labs, production plants, fume hoods and in the field. This session will explore some of the novel low-field NMR applications being developed and the latest ideas and reasearch pushing the technology further forward.

  • Exploring the Unknown (Tim Claridge - University of Oxford)
    Molecular Structure Determination

    In this session we shall look at novel methods or experimental approaches and their application toward the elucidation of complex molecular structures, including the use of isotope labelling schemes. The approaches or techniques presented may suggest alternative routes to help tackle assignment problems or to address challenging molecules.

  • Spinning in Silico (Michela Ghitti - S. Raffaele Scientific Institute)
    NMR & Computation

    This session provides a unique forum for the presentation and discussion of emerging methods at the intersection of experimental NMR and computational approaches. The purpose is to generate new ideas and promote collaborations in order to lead significant scientific advances through next generation integrative methods.

  • Quo Vadis NMR (Stan Sykora - Extra Byte)
    Emerging Methods & Exotica

    We are going to explore the perspectives of novel, totally universal NMR probes with no need to be tuned, get a glimpse of systems with spinning magnets, admire microreactors designed to simplify chemical reaction studies, and discuss the ways to use variable-field relaxometry to study motional constraints on small molecules.

  • Molecules on the Move (Christina Thiele - Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt)
    NMR of Reacting Systems

    We will have a look at what happens when studying systems where molecules change during a (series of) experiment(s). The latest developments and applications of NMR in process control and the investigation of reaction mechanisms will be presented.

  • Medicines in Magnets (Carla Marchioro - R4R Consulting)
    Innovative Approaches to Drug Discovery

    This session will cover innovative contributions of different techniques to the Drug Discovery process. This will include new approaches linking phys-chem methods with original applications of NMR methodologies. Focus will be on successful examples having effective impact to drug discovery progression and success.

  • Finding a Noodle in an NMR Haystack (David Chang - Metabolomic Technologies Inc.)
    Food and Health

    We will look at novel techniques on the analysis of NMR data for food and nutrition applications. As NMR data is rich with information, often it is not about finding one definitive biomarker within a lot of noise, but instead unwinding the mess of data into meaning results. Talks will include discussions on NMR techniques, analysis algorithms, and practical applications.


  • The Future of NMR
    Hardware, Software and Support
  • Quantitative NMR (qNMR) by 2D (Patrick Giraudeu - University of Nantes)
  • Legalising Drugs (Marco Guerrini - Ronzoni Institute, Milan)
    How NMR enables FDA/EU Pharmacopoeia approval