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SMASH 2014 Preliminary Program

Regular Sessions

  1. DNP - SSNMR and Liquids NMR of Small Molecules - Chair:  TBA
  2. Low Resolution/Low Field NMR - Chair: Maria Victoria Silva Elipe
  3. Structure Elucidation of Complex Small Molecules (Natural Products, etc.) - Co-Chairs:  Craig Butts and Dave Lankin
  4. Metabolite ID and Other NMR Applications at Very Low Levels - Chair:  TBA
  5. Venturing Outside the ‘Standard’ NMR Toolbox - Chair:  TBA

Parallel Sessions

Session 1

  1. Biofuels - Chair:  TBA
  2. Ligand Screening - Chair:  TBA

Session 2

  1. Applications to Inorganic / Organometallic Chemistry - Chair:  TBA
  2. Analysis of Chiral Molecules (Including RDC) - Chair:  Roberto Gil

Combined Sessions/Workshop (In Parallel)

Our goal is to give participants basic tools needed to return to the lab with new capabilities.

Session 1

  1. Pure Shift NMR - Coordinated by:  TBA
  2. Kinetics / Dynamics / Reaction Monitoring - Coordinated by: Jonas Buser and David Foley

Session 2

  1. Fast NMR Including NUS/Single Scan NMR/ASAP Methods - Coordinated by: TBA
  2. DFT Methods and Applications - Coordinated by: TBA

Alternate Activities during Breaks or in Evening

  1. Real Time Demonstrations for Setting up Special Experiments or Processing Data.
    (i.e. Pure Shift, Experiments. Related to RDC Measurements, STD, HSQMBC Variants, ADEQUATE Variants etc.; Coordinate with Workshop Topics) - Coordinated by:  TBA
  2. Structure Elucidation Boot Camp for Young Chemists – Coordinated by:  Brian Marquez and George Furst

Poster Sessions

  • Co-Chairs: Krish Krishnamurthy & Michael Hammer